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Raypath-NST deal with distribution of ecological cleaning products, which do not require the use of chemical sources. A special sponge made from carefully chosen fibres or micro-fibres can be used to clean every surface regardless of dirt, using only water and excluding detergents. All products are covered with guarantee. In case of purchasing household products the guarantee is valid for 18 months, and in case of industrial purchase - 6 months.

Ecology of Tomorrow:


no detergents

Only Nano Silver Tecnology
Raypat products!

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Green Raypath Cleaning Technique
Nano Silver Technology
Raypath company is existing on the market since 1994. Raypath branches are located as well in Polen, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, USA, Canada, Russia and Ukraine.
2010 rebrending: "Raypath International" to "Nano Silver Technology"

nano silver

Active nano Silver
Silver has the ability to boost your immune system; to fight off the dangerous pathogens that are common in our environment today. Nano Silver Technology has been proven effective against bacteria and viruses.


Mechanical cleaning
The microfibers work like an emulsifier: creating an emulsion of dirt particles or molecules suspended in water. Due to the microscopic structure of the microfibers, the fibers penetrate very small surface irregularities removing dirt that otherwise is not accessible by other mechanical or chemical agents.


Clintech Opticloth - Sunbeam
The cleaning process occurs in two steps. First the emulsion is created as described above and, than a clean Opticloth is used to remove the emulsion or remaining water.


Dust & static removal, polish
A static charge, created by the friction of the fibers, picks the dirt from any surface and suspends it between the fibers until shaking outdoors or washing.

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